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What I like to write about (because I OBVIOUSLY write.. dur.. who woulda known?): Final Fantasy IX (mostly), Final Fantasy X (remotely), Harry Potter (hmm.. maybe sometime soon), and... uh... stuff that I want to, I guess. Random poetry? Who knows. I'm still kind of "new" here... well, sort of. Okay, maybe not! MOVING ON.

My other interests include drawing (what I will most likely specialize in for a career), and acting (on the side). I like soccer, too, but I'm not so good at it. Now I feel dumb; I dunno what to write! I'll come back later.

Do you like fanart sites? Check out my site.. uh, it's linked above this little bio-thing...

WEEEEELL, one more interesting thing about me (you: MORE? There weren't any written above!), is that I've got a pairing for FF9, and it's weird, and as LONG AS IT'S CHRISTMAS...

It's an awful pairing. I have a wonderful, awful pairing* Sorry for ripping off the Dr. Seuss. Couldn't resist ^^;;

Yaoi/Shounen-ai/Yuri/Slash/Hentai/WHATEVER-ELSE-THIS-STUFF-MAY-BE-REFERRED-TO-AS: ugh. Don' like it.

Pairings I BELIEVE IN: (new, thought it might be interesting)

FFVII: Cloud x Aeris
FFIX: ??? x ???
FFX: Wakka x Rikku
HP: Snape x McGonagall

Whaaaat?? Stop laughing at me!!

AND O MY GOODNESS! Here's something interesting...
The name Eris means "Goddess of Strife"!!! You know what I mean! Eris as in AERIS GAINSBOROUGH! Strife as in CLOUD STRIFE! Hoo-wah! Yeah baby!! Credit for the information goes to , thank you very much! :bowbowbow:


FF9 Lyrics and Requests!
This one will be in progress for a while..
-Eternal Harvest, Eiko's Theme, Madain Sari, Eidolen Extraction, Slew of Love Letters, Quina's Theme, The Place I'll Return to Someday, Amarant's Theme, Vamo Allo Flamenco, Battle Theme (1) coming up ...
-Requests are being taken, but please limit it to ONE PER PERSON at the moment, thanks.. when my load's lightened I'll let ya know.
(9 chapters so far!)

Like, Final Fantasy IX
A prep absorbed into FF9. A younger brother discovers the contraband PS1 and plays it, not knowing it could lead his sister into peril.
- I don't have anything against Valley Girls or the like, I just tend to find them amusing, so you know! But this particular one... :grins evilly:
- FFIX with major twists.. but not too major.. ^^
-???/??? ... romantic pairings in the making!
(4 chapters so far!)

Almost Sin
Sir Auron appears to need nothing, nowhere, no one. Yeah, right. He finds out just how ridiculous this idea of independence upon only himself is when a certain guardian reveals her power to decipher, among the frozen drifts of Mt. Gagazet.
-Auron/??? Pairing
-*SPOILER ALERT* When is it safe to read this? When you've gotten past Zanarkand, and that's NOT THE INTRO!
(1 chapter so far!)

R/R if you have time, patience, and a thirst for fantasy. Thank you.

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