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Update: I haven't written in awhile. Not for any reason, but the words just haven't come to me and I haven't had the time to try to make them come. Hopefully that'll change soon, but for now I still love reviews on my my old pieces and I'm still around giving out reviews!

I'm me... my poems are almost all based on real life experiences... As I've gotten older, I've also become a better writer my more recent stuff is better than my old stuff...But I'm still not insanely great and I'm still a novice with metaphors and such so constructive criticism is immensely appreciated!

Pieces I think are my best:
A Goodbye
Typical Her
Love You
Please No

If you review me.. I'll try to return it... I'm not so great with stories and I'm really behind on my reviews, but I'll do my best!

If you like to review or get reviews... join the The Review Game forum and while you're there check out The Review Marathon.

I have submitted a total of 18,757 signed reviews.

Total words archived: 69,197.

Average number of words per story: 113.

Total hits to Profile Page: 10,970.

Thank you to everyone who has me on their favorites or alerts list or even just takes the time to write me a short review I really do appreciate it!

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