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Kurare PM
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"But maybe it's a false alarm
And every answer sounds the same
Just colours bleeding into one
That doesn't have a name
Maybe I can't see
Maybe it's just me

Now the curtain's coming up
The audience is still
I'm struggling to cater for
The space I'm meant to fill"

—KT Tunstall, "False Alarm"

"Curare" is a poisonous plant (think hemlock). "Kurare" is an alternate, technically incorrect spelling of "curare."

29122005: I wrote a 15K piece for my guild and thought, "What the hell, let's put it in the public eye." It's got no decisive end, per say, unless you want to find one, in which case you probably will. Short version: can't tell, it'll give things away. Meow.
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