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HAR! I got my nerve back and uploaded a fic! HUZZAH I SAY!!! XD! Well anyway, when I find anything about myself you'd really want to hear... I type it up, for now he's the basics:

Age: 14
Name Sara (For thing I add an extra r because it looks spiffier...)
Likes: WeiƟ, Planet Ladder, Peach Girl, DBZ YGO, Record of Lodoss War, Cowboy Bebop, Fushigi Yugi, Card Captor Sakura, good food, Bishies, many other things...
Dislikes: Anime women (well, only the ones after my men, and the ones that are really pointless, and the damsel in distress people, and the perfect ones... and the big purple eyed brown haired, pulls-her-pants-down-in-front-of-Aya girls with one kidney... *ahem*) My sister, annoying people, mean people, being left out, the hamburgers at the school store... *gags* Pokemon, bad American Dubs, ba American attempts at anime, Myles, many many real men...stuck up snobs who think they have it so bad when really they have more than anyone could ever have wanted, ... and there's more but... I'm taking up a lot of room...

Quote of the... time: "I don't mind that you're always on the computer, I mean, you get off when I need it, but I wish you'd stpo TALKING to it!!" Sessimo's father (Actually for my it was Sessimo quoting her father, but hey...)

Has anyone ever noticed how Bandit Kieth kept calling Joey, 'Blondie' When in fact, Bandit Kieth is blond as well...

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