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Meldon- The Elvish (Quenya) word for "friend" in Tolkien's Middle-Earth books; also my name translated into Elvish.

Well, I am an English-writing major/American Sign Language minor, and I've been taking a couple creative writing classes that have renewed my interest in writing and are sharpening my craft. Enjoy!

Updated 03.06.2009

Current Projects:

Various Poems

I took a Poetry Writing Workshop last term and so I've posted my finished poems from that class.

1. Cherry on a Sundae

A story I'm writing for my Writing Fiction Workshop class. It's a short story, and it will be posted once the final version is submitted.

2. The Art of Conlanging

This essay will help you in constructing your own original language!

Status: Incomplete; will likely resume somewhat soon.

3. Tori's Gift COMPLETE!

Tori is a fairly normal girl- until she starts getting strange dreams and becomes able to predict danger. Then
she finds herself in another world, helping a wandering people claim
their promised land. But the assistance she gives is dangerous: she
must accompany two spies to the fortress of Cis and uncover a weakness
before they are discovered!

Yes, the first one I ever posted up here. Received pretty good
reviews before I took it down.

Status: Complete.

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