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well hello, this is my "Bio"... my life sucks and thats when I don't write things very well... unless its about things sucking!!!! hehe! ok then

My name is Nicole. I live in arizona, with plans to move too... someplace else!!! :-D Im 18! I liek to write short stories more than poetry. my favorate story that i have written so far (thats on here is) "one true love" people seem to like it too so YAY. I do like to write a great deal! but not really my PASSION inlife I perfer photography, which Im hopign I'll make a career working for like a fashion magazine, times, or national geographic... or possibly just open up my own studio/gallery!

I have a slight problem with grammer and spelling! teehee!!!

things I like... hmmm playing guitar and photography, reading writing math is fun drinking sex drugs. oil pastels. drawing random things. movies (dirty dancing is my favorate movie) writing essays starbaucks sitting around starrign at my ceilign fans. meeting new people. I just try and have fun anyway I possibly can really.

Music: Jewel michelle branch brittany spears musicals the cast of buffy:the musical, staind, eminem, aaron belk singing to me over the phone, oldies beetales elvis janis joplin is queen of everything,jimi hendrix, jack off jill, anything but crappy R&B, anything I can shake my little tush too. and of course TATU. theres more but thats all for now.

books: brigette jones' diary, white oleander, spirit, harry potter (so far the thrid one), buffy books and the stars shine down (good book).

well... my writing kind of consistats of angry stuff or love storys.. what I lov emy love stories plus i've been told Im good at writign the love crap too!

my writings don't consist very well of dedications... if there is then well it'll say at the bottom of the poem! and yeha most of the poem are about my friends... liek... I am *invisilbe* (not just about one friend but many) Im trying to make this interesting.. but yeah not working anyway enjoy reading my stuff I like reviews and I like YOU! :-D

I've kindof stopped writing along time ago. I just haven't felt the need to write, I've felt the urge just no need involoved. I do have some old stuff I should post but... thats alot of hassle. see no need! anyway I will try to do stuff more often now. and my life has just been to hectic with shit here and there and every where! its crazy. anyways enough excuses.

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