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I suppose if you are looking at this page you might possibly want to read about me or not. I guess whoever can read it if they want to pass the time it doesn't matter to me. Well, a little about me...I like to write. I write alot...tons...and I do it instead of homework most times...but that's besides the point. I also enjoy reading to my heart's content mostly fantasy. I am also addicted to anime and manga namely Inuyasha (which i think is a SUPER COOL show despite what ANYONE thinks.) I also like to watch Danny Phantom, Escaflowne, and various other cartoons. I also like to get reviews namely cause it makes me feel good to know that someone actually read my story. But it also helps me in clarifying aspects of the story some people did not understand and overall helping me to improve my writing skills. One of my goals in life is to publish a story of mine, but before that i want to make sure it is the best that it can be. I'd also like to add that anyone who is not a member of fictionpress and would like totell me what they thought can email me. I'm fairly certain it is on the profile page. and yeah...well that's about all...ENJOY READING!

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