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It's a new school year for me, so I'm writing a new profile. Hee hee. For every one who supports me with the Fiona Rexrode thing, I just wanna say: Thank You so very much!! She hasn't e-mailed me for a while so, nothing's gonna happen. Thanks to all who would love to see this happen! I hope that one day it will. Oooooookkkkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, on a more happier note: I LOVE ERIC LIVELY. Over the summer I've somehow become totally into: The X-Files and Witchblade. I'm still very into So Weird. This is to Steph & Laura: Teacher: "What did you do over summer vacation?"
School is no fun when you're not with friends. Tra la la. I think Puddle of Mud, Linkin Park, and Nickelback RULE!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay today is...September 1st and I got some news from Fiona Rexrode. The thing with my story maybe becomming an ep. isn't going to happen. It was fun while it lasted. Fiona is sorry that it isn't. So anywho, what's up, everybody?
Sentio aliquos togatos contra me cI think some people in togas are plotting against me.
My new quote: Life's a bitch
Candice and me are: Proud to be Beggas and sisters 4 life!!!!!!
I'd also like to say Hi to my "stalker". :) and "Red"
1.12.02: I haven't been in here for sooooooooooo long. Hey...where'd all my fave stories and authors go??????? *Shrugs*
I'd like to say HI to all my buddies...you're all not forgotten. I'm a member of the Linkin Park Underground. (Which kicks major ass) HA!!!! Hoobastank in soooo cool. One of my Fave authors (I don't think she's in here, but i dunno) is Lydia Bower. Adema is cool too. This is to Dru: He looka like a man, I looka like a man, we all looka like a man. (LMAO)
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