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I'm a sophomore English/German double major with a minor in History at the University of Tulsa. I'm involved with the Honors program, Presidential Delegates/University Ambassadors, and very active in Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed community service fraternity with a chapter at TU. Between these (and more!) activities, all of the reading involved in my concentrations, and my wonderful boyfriend, I really have had neither time nor, more sadly, motivation to do much writing lately. But I've felt lately (partly thanks to Wootang's new story!) that I've really lost part of myself by stopping, so I shall try to take it back up. Don't expect great things, but I hope you enjoy what I've got. Hopefully I'll keep posting. Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!


STORY UPDATE! (02/01/'06)

Chapter One of "Fairy Tale" is up.
Almost two years later...a new story! It will become obvious fairly quickly just which fairy tale "Fairy Tale" is, but for now, here's the prologue. It's a story I've wanted to retell in some way or another pretty much for forever. There are lots of other authors out there who rewrite fairy tales much better than I do, so I figure it will never get published, but as I seem to be stuck on Mage, I decided to give it a whirl anyway. Hopefully there will be more soon. Enjoy!



I have SEVEN stories up now (impressive, neh? hey, as my bro would say, it's more than five).

"A Mercenary's Trust" is a story about a mercenary and a duke and a king that needs to die. Good, clean--or bloody--fun. I like it anyway. It is totally finished, and rather short, only what, 10 chapters? Something like that. However, as promised, there is a sequel, so the fun doesn't stop there!

Ha! I promised a sequel, and I'm delivering. I have too many stories about Rine to count; I just had to find another one with Felldeten in it. And I did. "A Mage's Dream" is already longer than "A Mercenary's Trust," but hopefully it'll be just as good. One thing I can promise you is lots of twists and turns and maybe some stuff about Rine you wouldn't have suspected from "Mercenary." She's a very mysterious and complicated character and my oldest (in my-life-time) one. Anyway, she, Felldeten, and Lighter are all back and this time there's full-scale war to deal with! Ancient Alliances, War Councils, a boy who will be King (and Lisyen really isn't all bad, people, he just seems that way). Hope you like it! Let me know what you think.

"Tara." Yeah, definitely didn't ride that "wave of creativity" for very long. It is on hold indefinitely, because I have no clue how to get from Point A to Point E or where the heck all the other points went. It's still interesting, though, and hopefully I'll get to it eventually. Anyway, it's a story about a woman named Tara (duh) who's trying to figure out the culprit behind a horrible disaster and working through some of her own issues at the same time. Urgh, that sounds so sappy and shrinkish. Oh well, the story's better than the summary, I promise you! ^_^

My latest (but not greatest) story is workingly-titled "Winged Rabbit." New characters here; no Rine or Tara or Felldeten. Basically, Cara stumbles into a different world filled with all sorts of fun critters and sets out to save the trapped prince. It's fairly short, like "Mercenary" (I think it's maybe one chapter longer, but it's a lot shorter in word count. Go figure.). So, basically, it's an inane little tale that hits you over the head with theme and symbolism; can you tell it was done as an assignment for something else? But it's kind of cute, still, and I really like the flying rabbits, so read it and ignore its faults (or suggest improvements; whatever works. ^_^).

The next addition to my little story family is called "The Time Out of Time." It's an old favorite of mine, an old idea that's been stewing with bits of it written for awhile, and I'd appreciate suggestions. ^_^ All new characters here again. Basically, the idea is that an ancient pact requires the people of Vertrag to allow these monsters to ravage their land for three months of the year. Now the monsters are getting pushy, an ancient Ring wakes up, and the time of Prophecy has begun. Kalil and her motley crew must save the world, or at least their home. It's grand fun, I promise you, and also on hold. I have a good deal more written, and it even used to be typed, but got lost when my old comp died and I'm too lazy to retype it from my hard-copy manuscripts at the moment. But maybe sometime.

I don't remember what it's like or even posting it in the first place, but apparently I also have a one-shot up called "Valley of the Lights." I do remember writing something of that name, just not putting it up. It's pretty, though, and I hope to work it into a larger story sometime.

"Fairy Tale" is just that, and you'll see which one as soon as I post past the prologue. In the meantime, enjoy. Comments are definitely appreciated because since it's an idea I both love and probably won't publish, I'm using it to fine tune my rather rusty writing skills. Most of all, just enjoy it, I hope. ^_^

Anyway, I love suggestions and criticisms and reviews. ^_^ I always consider suggestions and change the errors you all find. I can no longer promise that I'll review for my reviewers, because I'm insanely busy, and there's no way I'll be able to catch the ones who have reviewed in the two years I've been gone. But I do try!

That's all for now, folks. Happy reading, here or elsewhere!

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"I've looked around this world for awhile now, and I've found that if I don't laugh, I'll probably cry." -- David Eddings

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