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Lalalala! *pauses* Hi! I'm Kat! ^_^ I'm just a 18 year old rabid anime/manga/Nintendo fangirl! XD *

-===Kat's Update===-


Chapter 2 up! :3


Arg...So sorry for the long haitus! Check out a new chapter... ^^; It's a surprise! _


My Website: http:// My Webcomic! XD The one project that consumes most of my time! XD;;

Blog: http:///~ferine Come here to burn your eyes with my acidic ranting! Hee Hee, also you can see the status of my comic/fiction!

Mailing List: http:// Mailing list for MFW updates! Need I say more? X3

DeviantART: http:// Not updated often, but if ya wanna look...


Thank Yous:

To my readers: Thank you so much for reveiwing and always leaving such positive feedback! Seriously. I've never had much confidence in my writing, but you guys showed me that I do have some talent in this field! I doubt MFW will every be published, but I will try and turn it into a manga someday...:D


P.S. Plagiarism SUCKS! http:///group/we_ownz_it/

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