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French Boys ARE sluts. Just deal with it. Hee hee, anyhoo, my new pen name is of course in Ode to Naivety Left Behind. Dmitri, you are my literized love child! Sooo...newest on the updates list for moi...I have decided that out of all my stories, Blazer and Eyeshadow has the most intrigue and the most potential to become an actual novel, so I am going to turn it in to one...And I am looking for five beta readers to help me in this quest. If you are interested, please email me at . I am looking for skilled beta readers, not just people who want the extended version of the story. I may ask you to do a sample read for me. Other then that...I have decided that I will from now on, give deadline dates for every chapter coming out in every story I am writing thus far, so check back here often:

Accounts of Debauchery: TBA

Blazers and Eyeshadow (FP version): (Chapter Twenty) december 2005

Blazers and Eyeshadow (Novel version): TBA

Sorry about the delayed update time. I suck at finishing projects

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