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Laura Leigh PM
Joined Nov '02
Name: Laura
Age: 18
Status: Clinically insane!

Ok lets see I am insane but not to the point of hurting myself, maybe others...;) I am not very socialble but if you talk to me i will talk to you... uh huh. The thing i want the most is complete contoll over the world, if i were ruler i would turn the entire world into a communist government were i was the ruler and then kill everyone except ten hott guys and my friend shannon cause shes got hairy arms. Hmmm Anime i know like everyone on here watches anime so lets see... i thought PERFECT BLUE was pretty damn good. HELLSING was great, not the anime that sucked but the Manga was pretty damn good. and as far as VAN HELSING in the theatres i wouldnt go see that crap if it were the only movie out. I hate when they have to take a great historical figure like A.V.H. and turn him into some sappy pussy action guy. And the remakes they keep doing, god damnit i am sick of people having to remake everything is no one capable of coming up with there own unique ideas. Demons I write a lot about, because growing up my grandma who was so fascinated by them that she had to dipict these stories and images into my innocent little brain. No seriously it was a part of my life growing up so it stuck. You know what a good show is the X-FILES and LAW AND ORDER SVU. i love LAW AND ORDER but SVU is great. Allrite enough with my incesent rambling. i am out peace homies!! wait and all these movies people are making about new jersey and how dr weirds labortory is on the south jersey shore... DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHAT LIVING IN NEW JERSEY IS REALLY LIKE!!? Nine Inch Nails Rock!!! Trent Reznor is a god... i dont care if hes thirty eight i'd fuck him! If you ever wanna email and ask me questions feel free i am a nice person if you are nice, if your not i will go off the deep end track you down and stick monkey fetuses in your eye sockets! jk jk maybe...

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