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I am officially a published author. I work with Less Than Three Press and it's been a wonderful experience so far. I have seven books out, with at seven more on the way. The Dragon's Hoard is my first series and I'm really proud of it! For more information please check out my website: http:///

In other news, I have been submitting to a couple of cute contests LT3 has been holding on their Goodreads Page. This has resulted in a compilation of short stories titled Tales of the Tails. They're cute, often (but not always) with an M/M leaning, and I really enjoy writing them. Perhaps when I've accumulated enough stories to fill a book I'll try publishing, but for right now they're there for you to enjoy!



My stories are all original and solely mine. Take them and I will be angry!


Tales of the Tails:
-Magic sparks, tails wag, and someone howls at the moon. A collection of short stories.
-These are stories inspired by LT3's Samantha's Challenges. I hope you like them!

-This was a short story I had to write for an English class final. I got a very good grade on it so I'm assuming that it's good.
-This is a story from the point of view of a Nazi guard. He sees a woman who doesn't fit the stereotype of the Jew Nazi Germany portrays and makes some decisions about the horrific things he has done.

-The requirement for this story was to take a thumbnail picture given to me by my English class teacher and to incorporate it into a short story. I was given a picture of a mask with green skin and wispy white hair. The mask was quite scary looking and was clearly meant for Halloween.
-Sometimes having a twin can lead to disastrous results, but you always love your twin anyway...even if he is a psychopath.

Nathaniel's First Day:
-The assignment for this was to write a short story from five different perspectives, but! each perspective must only be 200 words.
-Nathaniel is having a very difficult first day at his new school. It's too bad that the bullies who are bothering him are about to get squished. Boom! Explosion.

Why I Will Not Read Your Story, and conversely, Why I Will:
-My step-by-step, completely egocentric—yet strangely informative—guide :rant: to why I will not read your story, and conversely, why I will.
-My goal is to be able to read good things on this website. I hate clicking on a story because I think it may be good only to find that it sucks for various reasons. My guide is meant to make better writers so I will have better things to read. There is a reason I put egocentric in the summary...


So Listen:
-Oddly enough, I was listening to alternative rock when this popped into my head and I couldn't help writing it down.
-Music...So Listen

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