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Attention Teen Writers!


This isn't a place for you if you merely dabble in angry teenage hate-the-world essays every other week, nor if you believe that getting published at is a true achievement.

Who belongs here? If you are a teenager and believe in the power of words, you are in the right place. When people ask you if you want to be a writer when you "grow up," you tell them that you're already a writer. You write for the sake of writing, and perhaps get that writing published down the line. You are dissatisfied with the amount of creative writing you get to do in school, and want more. You want to learn and teach along with other teenage writers the craft of writing. You react negatively to sunlight because you spend so much time in front of the computer.

Dazed and confused about writing? Check out this useful article I wrote at Elfwood, in their Woodworks e-zine: http:///2004/issue08_apr/teenwriters.html

Ways to piss me off:

1) Give me uninformative reviews or ones htat are in gibberish: "Dat wuz tyte!" "OMG! That's exactly what its like wit my bf!"

2) Leave a glorified "Give me an ego boost and read my novel of 300,000 words" comment in any of my stories

3) Flame me with no reasons to back up your flame. I take the good with the bad, give me your honest opinion.

I will critique a piece properly if asked. Don't expect an ego-boost when I look at your work. I'm honest, and devastatingly so.

Have a great day!


P.S. Don't hesitate to email me if you have questions about teen writing, or if you simply want to share your work with me. I always love email!

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