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Name: Kerry

I'm 19 now, two years have passed since my last update. The world of my writing seems along way away butmaybe that'll change, I'd like to write again.

I like downhill mountain biking, freeride and 4X. Rob Warner(even if he is a sexist pig), Peaty and Tracy Mosely rock.Sometimes I play football, I'm not very good but I still enjoy it. I still love Stacey and now I'm lucky enough to live with her in our own place. I live in the north east and it's not the most tolerant or sane place, I much prefer Worcester and I'm going on holiday there next week, I may even end up moving down there. I drink beer, I smoke weed, I'm interested in crystals and the paranormal and quantum mechanics is fasinating to me.

As far as authors go I like some authors for their stories, I like others for their writing. Two different notions, but they're bothworth maintaining. For stories I like something fast paced John Connely, Dean Koontz and James Paterson.

As foractual writing I have not found anyone to beat Margaret Atwood, I thoroughly recommend The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake, excellent books with a real world sinister undertone. Graeme Green's Birghton Rock is also up there, as is the basis of the play 'An Inspecter Calls' by JB Priestley.

I don't hate very many things anymore, there's only two people I hate now and both of those are deeply personal. And nothing to do with school, who would have thought.

As for the past year, I've been homeless, gotten my own flat, shaved a girl's head (that was fun), discovered I have OCD, have finally learnt that I shouldn't always have to be the one supporting friendships, have learnt what real friends are and I have a new shrink.

Still not in college, some day I think I'll go back.

That's pretty much me.

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