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Hello Everyone!!!

Future Stories:

{Gundam Wing/AC} Worth Fighting For: Alternate Universe: CIA, DEA, FBI, assasins, negotiators, LAPD, NYPD and U.S. Marshals come together to fight terrorism plauging the Earth and the Colonies. Will they be able to overcome the dilemma along side their loved ones or die trying?

{Original Fiction} Love, Lies, and Deception: Julieta is an aspiring dancer with bulimia who leads a double life. Going to a wealthy private school her friends think she is like one of them, rich, yet in truth she lives on the worst side of town. When a handsome, arrogant and not to mention wealthy new student named Ruben enrolls she falls for him at first sight or does she fall for his money?

My friend Bika-chan also writes fanfiction so check out her stories which are incredibly funny. You can find her on my favorite authors page.

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