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you'll all hate me so at the moment you can guess how i am by my story's witch should be up soon. (i hope)i am located six feet under so dont try to find me. sorry my story's will suck. but my people are cool. if you realy need more info, e-mail me at i cheack it about once a weak.
just becouse htings wont go on...

lucifers pain

alone i sit in this hell
with no escape i see
i sit here woundering
if i'll be set free
you kick me to the ground
leave me with no choice
but to kill you to save my life
and you call me insain
there's nothing i can do
except sit here and wate
i'll wate to see the sun rise
and finally exept my fate...

that is total crap but if you like it e-mail me and tell me so

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