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I'm 16, Christian, Canadian, and hungry. Check out my art tutorials at Akemi's Anime World.

~~~Updates for July 30, 2004~~~
-Beh, I have no idea what I'm doing. Go read some of my old stuff.

Old updates:
-New short story, "Henry the Wanderer". A little something to sate the appetites of those who wish Animagess would get off her lazy butt and update The Fantasy Chronicles. Go review, minions 'o mine!
-New short story, "Dream No. 7".
-"Five Men In The Desert", an incredibly and unabashedly religious allegory. Prepare to be offended... or tickled.
-New poem added to the Really Bad Angst collection: "Blood Filled Heart!".
-SAIN CH. 20 UP!! I am smoooth. Go review.
-New short story, "No More Coincidences". Oh my gosh, ninjas! Oh my gosh, DRUNKS!! Oh my gosh, MORE NINJAS!!

~~~Stats as of July 30. 2004~~~
No. of stories archived: 37
Highest review count for one story: 216 (The Fantasy Chronicles!)
Lowest review count for one story: 2 (Dream No. 7, No More Coincedences)
Total no. of reviews: ?
Reviews submitted: 400
No. of people who have me on their Fav. Authors list: 73 (love each an' every one of ya...)

(I think everyone should have this information on their bios, unless they have a good reason not to. So if you get them up, tell me! I love knowing these things...)

Fanfiction: Yu-Gi-Oh, Invader Zim, Donnie Darko

~~~Personal Stuff~~~
Author Spotlight: Roger Zelazny
Movie Spotlight: Our Man Flint (1966)
Book Spotlight: Altered Carbon by some guy whose name I can't recall
Comic Spotlight: Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Comic Book by Evan Dorkin

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