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Spasmodic Rice
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I was formerly called "Blizz the Black Mage". I have changed it to "Spasmodic Rice" because of a very amusing inside joke and the fact that Black Mages belong to Square anyway. :)

Let's start this out like a true bio, shall we?

Name: Blizz. I refuse to give out my real name.
Age: 15.(yes, I am a minor. Now you know why I write such mediocre fiction.)
Gender: Female.
Likes: Writing, drawing, watching/reading anime/manga, video games, and the like.
Dislikes: OMGLYKWTF PpL wHo TiPe LyK tHiS1!!one1!, school, the fact that I have very little concentration, et cetra.

Yes, I'm very much aware that you did not need that useless information. I just felt like writing it. -_-

~Those who supported me in the making of The Celestial Star~

You people are the BEST! You have given hope and inspiration to a fledgeling writer, and I have improved considerably since I've come to FictionPress. ;_; THANK YOU SO MUCH! In fact, if I ever get the thing published (which I doubt will ever happen), I shall dedicate it to each and every one of you who have helped me! ^^

I'm rewriting it from scratch as of now. Perhaps someday, when I feel I have a solid plot I can work on, I'll post it. Maaaybe.

Random note: About that whole uppity smart-sounding stuff... I don't really talk like that. No worries. XD

Xanga- http:///blizzaga718
DeadJournal- http:///users/blkmage
DeviantART- http://
Fanfiction.net- http://www.fanfiction.net/~blackmagexiii

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