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KuruptCuzz PM
Joined Dec '02
I'm a 17 year old puerto rican/jamican teen that writes poems and other storys
I live in tha great BK of NYC which BK= brooklyn for thoses that dont know. I give my porps to tha cc-3 my double c's in school and to chertera,marco,erique,bigRED,big bird,chris,max,Flaka (spanish word) my whole 285 crew, home to tha cc's NYC,NJ,NC,ATL,cali,tha 313 area,and florida. C's up ..those are my c's states.

I write manily poems, and very little storys, i dont like to watch T.V that much, so during that time When some of you is watching T.V or movies i am writing poems.

Here is my yahoo instant messenger name :Kurupt852002 contact me if you have this IM compony. any questions you have i will answer.

I like When people review my poems, cause then i will know what to write in the future and what not to write, if you review my work it is most likly i will review some of your work too.. so review my poems or storys and i will review yours.

Cuzz = CRIP aka LOC

now on in the future i will post an update on the next poems i will be making and the possible release date. Thanks for reading my poems and please review cause i need to know if people are reading my work.
those who send me pussy ass hate mail fucc you.. you know who you are.
upcoming Poems or storys:
"bombs over baghdad"

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