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Wise words: I am interested in truths you cannot touch - F. O'Connor

I write because I want somebody, everybody, anybody other than nobody to miss me when I’m gone - doesn't everyone?

Just a quick note: I have not yet posted Chapter 13 for Chasing Dreams; I just fixed one of my chapters and re-posted it, thus why it looks like I've updated. Alright, after too much of a delay I've finally gotten chapter 12 up for chasing dreams!! Pls go READ AND REVIEW! (I am still working on saving the story from being such a "chic" story, but I'm not quite sure how it will all pan out.) One small note about my updating; I'm trying to make my work worth reading, so updates won't be half as frequent as I had wanted them to be. Sorry

I love constructive critism, and I don't mind flames so long as they are 20 words or longer. "This sucks" with no reason really isn't that great of a flame or review and doesn't help me improve at all.

Much thanks to all who review, it makes my day to see that people actually read my stuff. I love to hear what works and what doesn't, that's the only way I can get any better. Special thanks to all of Rockelle's friends who review for me: those special reviews are wonderful and really brighten up my day!!

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