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Ending Is Better Than Mending
Joined Dec '02

Name: Jill
Age: 14
Location: NewJersey
Interests: Sociopolitics, music, my guitar (ESP F50, I love it), my friends, going to shows and concerts, dancing at shows/concerts, singing, punk music, drawing, songwriting, et cetera...

I'm not that important, I'm not that interesting. Music is my life, and I'm mostly into loud, fast, political oi-punk. My dad was around in '77 so I was practically brought up in the genre. It reflects a lot in my writing, but I also have a very sophisticated style. I mostly write about politics and reality, my views on today's life and the truth about how it is. I write only for myself; to get my point across, not or anyone or anything. So basically I don't care if you like my writing or not — but I do appreciate your feedback.

Anyways, if you'd like to get in touch with me for whatever strange reason...

AIM: gabbagabbaxH3Y
email: dryptonite@

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