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itoshii-youkai PM
Joined Dec '02
Lets see...um for some reason i cant upload stories? i'll work on that..Avg height, black hair/brn eyes
i like volleyball, i like to surf, i suck at it thou, i luv to draw. Write small poetry and short stories.
still cant upload stories? wut a bitch...but if u go to deviant art, u can find my page and look at my art.If u love me y'all do it!...whhhhhheeeeee!!

Seizure squirrel, chaos9,izzy-chan...PLEASE UPDATE!!!

*blushes* someone pointed out to me *coughs* i only have fav* naughty stories...hehehe...well i have a pg13 story now *laughs diabolically* its called paranormal. its actually very good which surprised me...and oh yea...um...the author is a guy...so no one mess up on that...

squeals her exit*

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