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"Change your leaves, but keep your roots" That is my life quote, I like it very much. And it's true.

Sex: Female
Age: 20
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Hobbies: Writing, Reading, chatting with friends, shopping for new books...
Obbessions: LOTR, Elves, Writing, Reading, fantasy...erm..music!!!

To all of you who are reading this, I love anything to do with fantasy. It takes a while for me to finish my stories, but I do try to finish them. Problem is, I get ideas halfway through the original story and start another new one. *Sighs* I love writing, and I have been writing for seven years now. I hope you enjoy my stories, and remember they are strictly for the readers pleasure. However, I will say this. It takes a lot of hard work to write stories and it is my imagination to work with, so any flames will be used for the enjoyment of roasting yummy smores. So please, constructive criticism is welcome, but rude commenters stay away. There is a place for you, and it's not here, and it's not to comment on my stories. Else I'll send every demon from the nine-hells to torment you.

Oh, I have an account at fanfiction.net! Here's my link! Please don't forget to leave reviews on my stories, I really appreciate the feedback!http://www.fanfiction.net/~elfie5

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