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New Introduction!! (Jan 8, 2005)

Hello there. I guess i'll start with a brief introduction of who i am and then go more in depth.

I'm a sensitive straight guy, i'm a deep thinker, i'm an athiest, i want to be a novelist, but i'm majoring in political science. I'm a hardcore liberal, i work at subway, i dont do drugs, cigarettes, achohol, or meaningless sex.


Age: 19 (20 on
Feb 12, 2006)

Height: 6 feet 0 inches

Weight: About 130

Body type: extremely skinny

Relationship status: Single and looking

I have three websites, by the way. One is my website about transsexuals. Even though i am not a transsexual, i feel strongly about this issue, so i made a website about it.


I also have an online journal


The other website is my other fictionpress.com profile page. It has some of my other stories


I basically write poetry and short stories. I write about a number of different topics, but mainly i write about non traditional heterosexual relationships or lesbian relationships. Although there is sometimes sexual content in my stories, i never have characters have sex unless they are in love and i try to make the sex parts tasteful.

I like to think about deep issues, like the meaning of life and symbolism and social justice and gender roles. I like to talk about them to. If you are someone who enjoys talking about deep, meaningful issues, and you aren’t a total stoner, please message me, because there arent many of you out there.

I'm a bit non traditional as far as being a straight guy goes. I'm not too confident, macho, stoic, aggressive, or dominant. In fact, i'm pretty much the opposite of those characteristics. I dont act like a "flamer," but i do try to express my feelings like a normal human, unlike most men i meet who only seem comfortable expressing anger or homophobia. I'm really against homophobia, by the way.

I also have non traditional views on relationships. I dont think the man should have to be the "knight" and the woman be the "princess." I think that with women working in corporations, voting, and serving in the military, it should be ok for them to be the knight and have the husband be the princess. I wouldn’t want to be tough and manly for a girl, i'd want to be the 'protected' one. I have this relationship pattern outlined in a few of my stories, most notably "Jackie and Jesse" ( http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1691153 )When most people hear me say "I want to be the submissive one" they think i'm into pain and chains and humiliation and BDSM. That’s not it at all, i'd just like to be in a relationship where the traditional roles are reversed. A few authors have sort of written stories like that, but they usually take it to the extreme or they include some element of punishment or pain. I wouldn’t totally rule out a relationship like that, but I'd just wanted to make it clear that what exactly i want.

Speaking of that, as long as we are on the subject, i believe that deciding who to date based on how attractive they are is stupid, medieval, archaic and i don’t want to do it. I'll date someone because i admire them, i like their personality and i find their personality appealing. I'd even date a girl who wasn't interested in being in a non traditional relationship role of the rest of her personality was awesome. Superficial stuff does not make up my mind.

However...i do have some preferences as to what is hot as what isnt. Like i said, it wont make an impact in my decision, but i think sex and sexuality and desire are interesting and cool to talk about or write about or learn about, so i'll tell you my preferences here.

I have 2 types of girls that i like: Slightly or moderately chubby girls, and buff girls. I know, 2 extremes, and 2 types of girls guys usually dont go for. I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened.

Chubby girls appeal to me because they are soft and cuddly. Buff girls appeal to me because they look strong and dominant. I'd certainly enjoy a chubby girl being dominant, and i'd certainly enjoy cuddling with a buff girl, but i'm just saying the body types send certain messages that appeal to me.

I'm serious 85 of the time, and the other 15 i'm completely silly. Nice combo, huh? Most people either hate me initially for being so serious, (or hate me for a number of other reasons initially) or they hate me later for being "annoying" by being too silly on occasions. My sence of humor is kinda silly and pun based sometimes.

I don’t like TV. In fact, i hate it. It teaches bad messages, most of it. And the news is biased. I also don’t like most music, and i especially hate the popular Britney Spears/Blink 182/Linkin Park crap. Sorry for hating music that most people like...but...i just cant stand it. I also don’t like chocolate...and camping. And control freaks. And people who play games with your emotions for fun.

What do i like? I like reading, writing, talking online, talking on the phone, talking to online friends on the phone ( i have a free long distance plan) and cuddling. Looooove cuddling. :) I also like thinking.

What won't i put up with? Drug use, intolerant, unkind religious values, harmful prescription drugs (prozac in particular has HORRIBLE side effects!) and people who hate others simply because they are different, and gender role enforcement. Those are some of the main things that i try to fight against.

So there you have it! That’s me. Into sexuality, but values love more than sex. Attracted to non-traditional minded women with non traditional bodies, but doesn’t let attraction control dating decisions. Into fighting causes, sometimes into being silly. Rebellious against many parts of society, but against drug use.

If you like my stories or you think I sound like a cool person, please message me via email or IM or whatever you got. I hope to hear from you soon!

Update: July 14, 2005:

I'm going to go to Evergreen College in Washington, in September. Woohoo! Also, i have something really important i want to empart because i've made this mistake quite a few times: If someone loves you, that doesnt mean you love them back! I really had to learn that over and over. I thought love for me meant that i was in love ,too. But it doesnt.

Also, i'd like to say someting a bit unromantic, but i think the single most important thing in a woman is intellgence. I know it doesnt sound quite right, but for me, thats how i feel. I cant really explain it.

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