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To who ever's reading this, I'd like to welcome you all to my world!! mwa mwa mwa!! Actually, I'm a very normal person, at least I think I am. Considering all I've been through, I think I've withheld enough pride and dignity to think of myself as a unique (or am I really NOT normal??) individual. I'm quite outgoing, I hate to be alone, though of course there are times I'd rather be by myself, and I also love sports (more when I play with them than actually watching them). I'd try anything new, as I know life is short, so why not make everything an adventure. I've been through times of happiness and sadness, faith and despair. Yeah, I guess that does sound like a poem. But what can I say? My whole life is a poem, as I would call it.
Now let's start off by saying my name's Joy D. and I love to write(duh), go out, hang out w/ the ones I love most, listen to music, dance, play w/ my doggies, bla bla bla. A brief description of my appearance, as I can't show ya'll a photograph, is petite, short dark hair, hazel eyes, caucasion...That's the best I could do.
Also, I have a wonderful handsome boyfriend named Chris L., my dreamboat (A.K.A. my pen name). But unfortunately, I've also had my heart broken w/ many others I fell for. For example, there was a guy named Chris C. and he was one of the best boyfriends I've ever had and have ever truly loved, besides my current little teddy bear, that is, but then his idiotic mother who I now loathe decided for some reason that she didn't want Chris to see me anymore. I still have the picture of me and Chis smiling together in my room. Also, this guy named Nick who I was seeing only months ago ended up getting me in huge trouble, which led to everything that had happened to me. But now that's it's over with I am no longer permitted to see him, nor would I ever. But still for some reason, I have had strange symptoms which very unusually seem like pregnancy, which if god forbid I ever was it would most likely be his child. Though I'm very sure it's paranoia; I've been dealing w/ a lot of that lately.
Now enough w/ my personal life. Let's get on a more happier subject, like what I received for Chrismas ^ . ^ Actually, I got a lot, but two presents that for some reason seem to stand out are my new electric scooter and burp gun!! Yee! What did everyone else get??
Here's some other miscellaneous info:
Fav Colour: blue
Fav Food: I dunno...i like trying all different sorts
Fav Music: all kinds, but my top is country

That's all for now, ladies and germs. I have a letter for my sweet baby bear (Chris) to finish. Also, I have to get ready for this New Year's Eve party. I think I'll be dancing w/ Chris!!!!
Thanx lotz!! Please r/r my works!! not all of them are bad *blushes*

~ Joy ~ (SweetieOFChrisL.)

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