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Ze Biography Name: Xero Maverick Gender: Female (Believe it or not...) Age: 666 years young Place of Residence: Canada/Frozen Hell Draconic Appearance: Around 750ft. tall with pitch-black scales, a long, potentially-dangerous tail, scarlet red eyes. Human Appearance: 5'7". Auburn hair. Brown eyes. Ethnicity: Caucasian Personality: Schizophrenic Religion: Atheist Favourite Food: Human flesh... and peroghies. Favourite Movie: Princess Mononoke Favourite Game Characters(Male): Raiden(Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance), Claude C. Kenni(Star Ocean 2: The Second Story), Minsc(Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn), Horny(Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2) Favourite Game Characters(Female): Jaheira(Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn), Favourite Movie Characters(Male): Ashitaka(Princess Mononoke), Jigo(Princess Mononoke), Parn(Record of Lodoss War), Orson(Record of Lodoss War), Evil Betty(Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist), Chosen One(Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist) Favourite Movie Characters(Female): San(Princess Mononoke), Lady Eboshi(Princess Mononoke), Ling(Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist) Favourite Actors: Brendan Fraser, Emilio Estevez, Mel Gibson, Christian Slater, Kiefer Sutherland, Seann William Scott, Seth Green, Mike Myers Favourite Actress: Elizabeth Hurley Bio: Former member of Neopets. Frozen by evil Nazi, Adam Powell, who she has sworn to kill in cold blood... with sharp, pointy objects. Yessss... and Xero is currently wondering why you're still reading this and why you even care. Just read her fics, durn you.

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MSN: venom_blackheart@
AIM: Desert Scorpius
Yahoo! Messenger: legendary_prodigy
E-mail Address: hellfyre@

Special thanks to...

Dragon's Angel for proofreading The Dragon's Tear for grammatical, punctuational, capitalization, spelling, and typo-related errors. She hasn't got any stuff on FP, but a big thanks goes out to her.

Acules for proofreading The Dragon's Tear for literary and inconsistency errors. Read his stuff at http:///profile.php?userid=352905 !

Belle the Shadow-Cat for reading every single chapter existing so far of all my currently-existent fics. Read her stuff at http:///profile.php?userid=345588 !

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