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Hey everybody, I figured it's about time I put something on here! Considering I've been with fictionpress for a while now, on and off that is. I just write stories as they come to mind, but how far they go really depends on you guys! Your reviews keep
feeding me on!

So yeah the personal stuff. Well, I'm 5'10, with coppery blonde hair, fair skin, green eyes, and lean yet muscular
build (I'm male as well, just in case ya hadn't figured that out yet.) I like action/adventure stories, I'm pretty big into myths
and fantasy - vampires seem to hold a fascination with me, as I have two vampires stories of my own. And yes, I am a sucker for sappy romance stories. Being a guy I am not supposed to admit that, but hey; here I am admitting it right now. So you'll usually find an element of romance in my stories as well. My biggest inspiriation is the Canadian author Guy Gavriel Kay. Anyone looking for a good read should definitely pick up his stuff, specifically the Sarantine Mosaic series. Wow.

On to the Stories!

Swords, Hearts, Skull and Crossbones: A pirate story. Although I didn't get a lot of reviews, this one is my personal favourite. Inspired by Kay's writing, and there's the possibility of a sequel later on. I am planning to do a bit of editing before that, but who knows when I'll get around to it. COMPLETE

A Protector: A story about a bodyguard protecing a young woman from terrorists. Not yet finished, the story is temporarily on hiatus, until I pick it up again. I've no clue when that might be. HIATUS

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: A story about a witty, sarcastic teenage girl who winds up going to the same high school as her childhood tormentor. Not to mention living in the same house! But aren't love and hate just two sides of the same coin? My first teen angst/romance attempt. COMPLETE

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