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U: Unleash your imagination and free your soul - boy, do we ever need that. So we are in fact unleashing our imaginations and freeing, um...souls. Do have fun reading this...flames are always accepted, as it gives us something to laugh about. Non-flames? We cry over them. Kidding.

R: The true purpose is to entertain SD authors, or if you are a real lover of amazingly sappily sappy love stories, this is for you. No, not love stories. This is… er a parody of real life?

The characters mentioned in this fic… yes, we’ve gotten their consent. They gave us their consent, with some constant bullying in our part, so don’t go reporting us to . And no, we don’t own these characters… ewwwww… who would want to?

And if you know Eliar and Shari, well, I think you can enjoy, at least.

L: I was the kid, the ever obliging writer who went "anything", "whatever you say" when I was asked to co-author this fic... Initially guilty at teasing the 2 unsuspecting subjects involved, I finally gave way when they both agreed. And not to mention, I relented when my 2 superb net-pals here (U and R) managed to convince me that it wouldn't hurt. This is purely JFL, and flames are welcome, if you really want to voice your oh-so-biased opinion.

Right. Enjoy the fic, and all the best.

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