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hey, im suppost to tell you about me in this liitle space. but thats immpossible. i love to write stories about vampires, werewolfs and odd enough horses. i love them!! i have a disorder where i type things backwords, so i often have a ton of spelling mistakes! i also only have one link to the net, and i type on a different computer so my formatting sucks!! just for future reference i cuss like a bloody sailor!!

height; 5 something
weight; 145 (im just big boned honestly!!)
hair; flaming red
eyes; green with flecks of hazel

hobbies; seeing movies, reading anything Anne Rice the Goddess of the night wrote, writing stories poetry, and drawing.

favorites; pizza, mac and cheese, creme soda floats and lasania.

pets; 2 peach face lovebirds, 2 adult cats and 1 kitten

why i write; lots of reasons, to scare people, to release anger, to express my lonelyness, to memebor something.

what i write; i write about the daily lives of vampires, and the lives of werewolves. i also write about dreams, and some of my poerty has alot to do with my life along with my current problem(s).

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