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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sunday, March 17, 2007 was the last time I look at this page. That's a damn shame...

Anyway... I got bored and was looking through old story ideas... and I found my totally awesome TVXQ centered fan fiction about one them being a songwriter! But then I decided that... they really don't fit the roles of my idea. So they're all officially original characters. :) Yayz.

In the Works

Nothing posted. :)

On Hold

Truth or Dare?
In what was considered the best international art school in the world, a group of friends start a game of truth or dare. The game that was just a one night entertainment turned into year-round fun, having to deal with fame, different levels of popularity, and romance. (yay! Gosh… what a crappy summary… XD) Note: This story is just for fun and it's just... high school. I have never been to an art school, nor a boarding school. And... it's for fun. lol.

Chapter 5 is up, Chapters 1-21 written (wrote 5-7 first. XD), category changed

soompi: http:///forums/index.php?showtopic=82944 (Need to be a member of the forum to see it, but signing up or whatever is free. Korean-pop (er.. is that right?) centered site. I'm XtremeNuisance there too.)

Character chart link: http:///img131/3914/patternqz4.jpg


Virtual Wars
Being rewritten with a smaller cast. WAY smaller cast. And plot being redone.

Title Pending
Something about a songwriter. The only original story I plan on taking seriously right now. XD

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