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Hmm, what to write here. I could go on about my droll, dreary life, but I don't feel like it. I suppose I can tell you a few of my interests, it can't hurt..

I am a highschooler. I am an arteest, a rock music listener, a softball player, a roleplaying junkie, a video game obsessor, a lover of roller coasters, a published poet, and now I am an author. Sets up quite the resume, huh? And I want to be a veterinarian. Haha. I am also a psychiatrist to those who need to be set straight, and lastly, I am an overly creative, and sometimes overbearing and bossy, nutcase. Only when it comes to school group projects, that is. ^_^'

I have issues with songfics. I just can't write them. I don't mind reading them, but I really am bad at writing them. So don't expect them from me. Sorry, all you song-fic fanatics.

If there's anything else you all need to know about my social life, IM me! I will not disclose the following information: My last name; the town I live in; my a/s/l (because that is stupid anyway and I can't stand when I get IMed "asl?"); the name of my high school, if I would like to cyber (because that's stupid, too); and other useless knowledge (ex. 'What's your best friend's middle name?'... don't you think that's a bit silly? This is NOT a real life example, I'm just telling you what I mean. ^^). I do love to hear additional praise about my stories.. ^_~ *cough*

I do like comments. I really do. So don't hesitate to comment on my stories!

And if you happen to roleplay, I am sure we will get along just fine. ^_^

I have a muse, who hasn't told me its name. Yes, it. My muse is androgynous, and they can't decide on what name they want. It changes on a regular basis. In any case, this muse has slight problems; once people are really into my story, my muse's imagination shorts, and I'm stuck with writer's block. This is my pitiful explanation for fans of FLTP. Blame it on the muse, and my screwed up family life. *points accusingly*

~~NEWS~~ STORIES REMOVED. Why, you ask? Because I'm really busy with 10th grade in general, not to mention the fact that I'm now a part of an indy literary magazine with a bunch of friends, and I'm writing a story for it. My story involves a lot of research that is taking a lot of my time. I've also developed a social life, something I didn't have much of last year. So in conclusion, I've lost the time I used to have for ToaSD, FLTP, and AtC. I'm sorry. I'm trying to formulate something better than the stories I did have on here for you all, so please bear with me. I'm sorry, again.

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