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Wow. I haven't signed on to this site in years (think -- three? maybe even closer to four). I thought perhaps I would delete all my stories, especially since they don't exactly please me when I re-read them. But, truth be told, I'm leaving them. I was fifteen, young and new to the world of my mind and quite content with being as pretentious as possible.

What hasn't changed? My name is still Lucy. I'm now nineteen, in university and I sure don't have much time to write. Typically I'm more concentrated on writing essays (oh, the luxury!) but I have a few things I'd love reviews of. I'm a musician at heart and my writing is usually influenced by whatever it is I'm listening to at the time.

"When you grab ahold of me, you tell me that I'll never be set free. But I'm a parasite, creep and crawl I step into the night. Two pints of booze, tell me, are you a badfish too?" ~sublime

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