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Latest: 29th July 2007: I'm not going to get anywhere further with Chances with Wolves. Consider it placed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa licence - your choice of which, as long as it's v2.0 or newer.

I'm a 32-year-old liberal, atheist, vaguely socialist, English fur (or furry). If you don't know what a fur/furry actually is, well, read my essay Rabbiting On. But very simplistically it means having a deep emotional and/or spiritual connection with animals - in my case rabbits.

Please feel free to message or email me, or to drop by my LJ at http:///users/loganberrybunny . I'm extremely shy and nervous, but I will respond to you if you do contact me. =:)

As far as reviews go, though, that shyness is not important. I absolutely welcome any and all comments short of flames, whether they be positive or negative. Constructive criticism is what I hope for most!

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