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Ok. So I haven't actually updated this stuff since I was a teenager. So I'm thinking I'm going to be taking down a LOT of stuff. Though then again, maybe not. We'll see eh? Some parts of me want to keep them, because they're such a big part of my teenage life. However, they're not the best poems in the world.

Bit about me.

I'm twenty two this year, engaged, and just getting back into writing. I'm a student heading into the realms of either midwifery, or dietetics. I'm interested in social justice, equality, and the environment. I live with my fiance and our room mate who I've known for half my life practically. I keep a messy house and go crazy about it sometimes, I am an avid coffee-phile, and a tea hoarder. I dress up and participate in gay pride parades and zombie walks.

I use typed emoticons. : and damn it. They're good enough for me.

Tempting to delete the things that we write about ourselves when we're younger though it is, I shall simply update:

Life changes. Things progress. I made a somewhat avid decision to save writing for when my body is broken doing things. I quit marriage, university and gainful employment for the most part in favor of joining the circus.

Yes. That is my circus. Those are my monkeys.

I value this site so much because these writings are some of the only copies I have. I look back on my writing as a teenager and realize that though I wrote a poem about family violence that *really* wasn't specifically about my father. It was very very influenced by my father's abuse of my brother and whole family. Reality is an interesting thing for children. And if I could say anything to anyone. EVERYWHERE. It is to consider this: "I think people have immaculate coping skills from the beginning; wired to their personality from the very beginning. When put into situations where those coping skills no longer work: anyone (not just children) will develop new coping skills that are specialized to survival in their environment. It is intensely hard to unlearn methods and modes that you developed under stress with inconsistent rewards and out of line consequences."

That quote is best attributed to my mother. For it is her words that formed the basis of this epiphany for me.

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