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hi. yeah, whatever. um, some of you may know me as the lady scribe of avandell. well, here i am in all my fame and glory. you probably will not see anything about avandell (unless i get bunches of requests) because 1. i made it up myself...and 2. i haven't gotten past the prologue (i'm on draft 8 at this point) which is pretty sad cuz i've been working on it for three years.

yup, i have zero stories up here. the reason why? well, it's all because of this little thing called first publishing rights. basically, if i publish my stuff here, i lose the first publishing rights. this doesn't really phase me, except that book publishers like have the first publishing rights for the books they publish. plus i've been working more on my fanfiction than anything else. you can check it out by clicking on my homepage.

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