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Masta Chief 009 PM
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Hey Whats up every one? My Names Stephen and im just getting into the Fanfiction scene, im 16 years old and i live in sunny Southern California I like HarryPotter,Video games,Anime (Who Doesn't?)listening to music and going to the movies. Not to mention Hangin with my friends in life and online ( you all know who you are)
Best Friend: I wont Name any cause it would hurt my other friends that i didn't pick them and they might try ta kill meh _;
Fave Movie: Twister, Gotta love that movie
Fave Music: CD at the moment: Eminem 8 mile
Fave Anime's: DBZ,most Gundam shows,He Man,Transformers Armada, and Dragon Ball.
Fave Video Game of all time: The best Video Game of all time has gotta be 007 Goldeneye For the Nintendo 64 it may not have the best graphics and music but its a classic!

Current Projects;

HarryPotter...A Mech Pilot? O_o/ Chapter 4 up

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