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For various reasons, I've removed all my stories. Yup, all fifty+ of them. I'm really sorry to do it, but I feel I have to. if you're interested in my work, or with to talk to me about it, please email me.

You've no idea how grateful I am for all the reviews you've given me. They've got me through some really rough spots, and thanks to every person whoe ver took the time to review me. I know I've made some great friends here, and thanks to them as well. You've given me confidence about my work I could never have had without my supposrt. Thanks so so so so much.

That's all for now. And possibly forever. I've had a great time. Please email me if you've been reading my work and if you've dropped by here in search of some fiction, try some of my friend's great stuff, such as wingless, noclipgod25, or Tizzu, to name just a few.

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