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Joined Jan '03
NOTE: I have changed my user name from 'Melancholy Angel' to 'Tenshi Kanashii' !!
Tenshi Kanashii is Japaense for 'Sad Angel'.

I HAVE decided that alot of my stories WON'T be updated until they recieve ATLEAST 15 reviews per chapter...

Personally...I have no idea why you're here and have no clue what you are expecting to find...
So I will fill this space with whatever!

Before you read my writtings you should know that I upload my works for no-one's approval but upload them with the soul reason that it might give enjoyment to one person, which is all anyone can wish to achieve in a day.

If you don't like a story at all,
then don't trash it in a reveiw, just say nicely which points you don't like and how I could fix them.

Personal unrelivent to stories info:

Name: Rika
Age: 16
Eyes: blue
Hair: golden/dark brown
Race:Cucasiun (white)

Excels at - Art, Science, History and some others I can't be bothered to remember now...

Art: I specialise in manga...particuarlly Elfin.

Other: I'm studying Japanese so when I've finshed school I can move to Japan.

Nothing more as now...
Um tell me if you want to see anything else in here..

Don't forget to review/add me to your fav lists!

Thanks again,
Rika-Tenshi (Tenshi Kanashii)

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