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hai hai oO -reads- B-I-O. oo; B-I-O. BIO! aaaahhh i GET IT! What's a BIO? oO; Big...Introduction.. Of...they're missing a J. oh wellz
Name: ..oo; I'm a type of flower, tea, and rice. Do the logic.
Age: Is of no concern of yours...WHAT YOU THINK I'M BIG FAT OLD LADY?! think again...
B-day: Sept. 12.
Favs: Hilarious funny stoof, Kingdom Hearts, AIM, internet, funny stoof, Kingdom Hearts...Kingdom Hearts...oh yea, CCS, moooosiiiccc...Kingdom Hearts...i like funny stoof ^^ -blabs on-
Dislikes: Flamers that flame absolutely the bestest stories i've ever read...ugh i HATE THEM SCREW YOU IF YOU'RE ONE OF THEM!! -.-; ppl who IM me 24/7 that keeps saying: HI HI HI HI HI screw them too...and...yea..oo

My aim sn...tell me yours and i'll tell you mine XP. and it'll depend if i like you or not -cackles- shall leave now -leaves-

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