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Cybil Wong PM
Bio Fav: Authors
Joined Jan '03
This is Cybil Wong, here's just a bit about who else but ME (sry i overdid it)

Fave Colour: ORANGE
Fave Food: Beat's me
Horoscope: Saggitarius
Birthday: December 13
Status: Single...not looking
Age: take a guess itz in between 11-16
Fave Humorous Phrase: Guys are just like toilets, they're either occupied, or full of shit
Fave General Phrase: Whatever loser, take a picture moron
Fave Historical Phrase: What lies behind you and what lies before you, are tiny matters, to what lies within you
Friends: double-g, Sunny Beans, orange buddy, little midget (to be continued)
Fave TV show: Friends, Trading Spaces
Fave Movie: Serendipity
Fantasy: (double-g u already know about the basketball one so me gonna write a diff one) To go on star search and at least get 13 stars.

Note from me:

Hey pplz! I like reading any fics that are in a category that i know about. I'm writing a recess fic rite now and i'm hoping to start a Harry Potter one after i finish this one. I'm a huge fan of Butch/Spinelli fics and mite even write one myself *hint hint to the Crossover readers. I'm not a huge fan of tj/spinelli fics i think they're gay. As for Harry Potter I'm not really a big fan of Harry/Hermione fics but i'll read them cuz alot of them are really good. I really hate Hermione/Draco fics cuz they're gross but sometimes they're really good too.

BTW don't read my fics if ur under 13 cuz there's some really bad language in it. Thnx ttfn buh bai

P.S. the best hp fic in the world! according to me The Girl Who Lived by double-g you guys hafta read this!

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