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May 05. 03 as of today. SARs killed 187 people in Hong Kong and 1637 people are infected...and now we¡¦re attacked by flood. It isn¡¦t summer yet and we¡¦re attacked by a gigantic thunderstorm, the biggest we¡¦ve got in 100 years. Many people¡¦s homes are flooded, and one of the lieutenants dies saving others. another heros lost tragically.
The actors/singers in HK suffered a lost over 50,000,000 dollars due to SARs, but none of them say a word. They donated huge among of money to SARs charities, headed many SARs fighting events whole heartly; and dedicated many songs to the medical workers and victims of SARs.
Under Rolling Stone, a lot of singers gather and make a CD. All the money earned will be sent to SARs charities and 25,000 CDs will be sent to the medical workers as gifts. Their actions are really admirable.

Apr. 31 03 Yeah!!! This is so cool!!! Heart of the sword won the competition! You are so smart, Heart of the Sword!

Apr. 22 03 The number of people infected with SARs incresed in a scary rate. We have 1434 infected, and 99 of them are dead. Medical workers are still over work, understressed and very afraid to go home...
Despite of all this, most school reopens today. I'm glad cause it makes me feel like SARs isn't controling my life anymore. I'll keep praying SARs will go saway soon. I keep saying how much I appreciate all your e-mails. The truth is, a thousand thanks aren't enough.

Apr. 20 03 Happy Easter to all the poets on . You're all amazing and inspiring. I hope you all have a great Holiday.
Two new great writer on my favorite list. Sal Maxwell, princess of light and True illusions. You two are both the great. Thanks you.

Apr. 15, 03 We have 1268 people infected with SAR now. 61 of them are dead. The number is still growing. Medical workers still overwork, under stress and too afraid to go home. I want to praise Pear’s grand parents who work in the hospital.
Dumb writer is sending poems to SAR victims, please go and visit his bio if you like to join him.
Hong Kong’s number of tourists had dropped 67% during last 2 months. Yet, a hundred thousand people show up at Leslie’s funeral. There are fans from Philippine, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan; a few came all the way from Canada, America and Australia to see Leslie off. Fans fill the streets from the Funeral home to the cemetery. All the crying fans say their love for Leslie is greater than their fear of SAR.
And if there is love, there is always hope.

Apr 08. 03 SARs killed 25 people in Hong Kong. 935 people is infected right now. We're still fighting, no matter how long it takes we won't give up. Dark Rider had written a poem for us. Thank you.
Dumb writer written "Heroes" for the doctors and nurses fighting SARS. A lot of them is getting infected and die. We will always remember them.

Apr 04. 03 Yahoo has started a get well card for all the SAR patients. Please go and sigh your name to show you care.
The SAR has put 761 people in hospital and killed 17 of them in Hong Kong. Today is ²M©ú, a day when we pay our respect to our loved ones who die. We will always remember them even if they are not around.
I hereby pay respect to my loves one who are descesed and all the victims of SAR.
I have a new favorite writer, Dumb writer. Congratulation on winning your local writing competition. You're a great writer.

Apr 03. 03 Sadness never end, SuperStar ±i°êºa (Leslie) killed himself at April 1. In his 26 years of stardon he made thousands of best selling CDs and movies. He is one of the greatest singer/actor ever walked and it's a great loss. We'll all miss him.
Chinese official site: http:///leslie/
English official site: http://
Japanese official site: http:///japanese/lesliecheung.shtml

Apr 01. 03 The Parapyxoviridae killed 15 people already. 600 people is infected. All the schools are closed and we are taking classes online, so I don't have time to get on last few days. I'll start catching up reading all your nice haikus as soon as I get use to taqking classes with my computer.
I heard there is over a hundred case of Paravxoviridae in Canada now, with 4 people dead. I'm sorry to hear that. Hope the sick one will be healed and the gone one be in a better place.

Mar 25. 03 Pear's grandfather got the Paramyxoviridae, luckily he is fine. Let's all hope he will get well soon.
3 more deaths today, one of them is the doctor and the other is a teacher. More students are infected and lots of school closed down. The cure isn't working too well.
WHO (World Health Organization) is coming to Hong Kong to help us, because it seems to be spreading oversea now...hope they can do something.
The war is continuing, too. It seems that Saddam is trying to make this war as long as possible, not letting Bush to end this quick. I just saw photos of the two captured pilots. I hope they will be alright.
I have another favorite writer, Psycho-kyugurl. She is really sweet. Please read her work.
Arigato for Psycho Kyugurl and Darkangel rose for writing "cut" poetry.

For those who asked me for a English/Chinese translator, I tried 12 of them, two of them seems to work better than the others.
I hope you find them useful.

I also write a Religious place series, the first is Notre Dame of Paris. For those who like to see Notre Dame, visit the offical site of Notre Dame.
it's really cool. There's a 3-D picture of Notre Dame.
The second one is Shaolin Temple. There are no offical website for it, so I don't have anything to show you.
by the way, do you know Shaolin Temple is place with the most number of movies/TV series themed on in the world? Only America has almost 50 movies based on Shaolin. I don't know how many we made, we lost track after 200. O_O and China has a lot too.
The third is Taj Mahal. They don't have an offical site either.
I was planning to write one on Apollo Temple and then something in Eygpt, but my limited knowledge failed me.

Also, I feel bad for those who is upset cause they have to change their penname on . I hope you'll all get use to your new name soon.

Mar 21. 03 The Paramyxoviridae outbreak is getting worse, there is almost 200 people infected now...10 death. *cry* even one death is too many for me.
6 kids are found infected, one of them in the intensive care now. They are all children of doctors or nurses. All they want to do is help people, how can this happen to them? One of the kids is only 1 year old. Two of them are twins--double heartbreak.
All their schools are closed down and getting clean, I hope no other kids got it. The hospital found some sort of cure. I pray it works.

Mar 18. 03 Happy St. Patricks Day. We really do need the luck of an Irish. This is only a month into the year of Sheep (in Chinese calender), things already got frantic.
Hong Kong outbreak of Paramyxoviridae is still uncontrollable. More than 120 persons are infected now and still nothing can be done. The first death came yesterday. I cry for all the patients.
I feel especially bad for the doctors who got infected. They are all on oxygen right now; and one of them just got into intensive care. He can’t breath anymore and need to have air pump into him (that is really painful.) The doctors get infected from helping the patients, that make it even worse. I hope they find ways to control it fast.
Then there is this dreadful war, President Bush's Ultimatum is almost up. We got 2 of the 4 horsemen of Apocalypse, plegue and war.
I hope all these will go away soon. My heart is just going to million pieces.

Mar 04. 03 Happy Mardi Gras!
I want to thank SongBreeze SwiftEyes for writing cut poetry. You're on my favorite list now, too. ^_^
After 'cut', 'phoenix' and 'threes' poems, I write 'dream' poems today! (I really have to start giving them better names. O_o) It is so cool to read and write poems from 3000 years ago. They're beautiful. I feel so lucky to be able to read them.
There are couple of times in China the Kings kill scholars and burn all the books in order to stop ideas spreading; by doing that a lot of great literature are lost ('cut' poerty, gone!). I'm sad I can't read those poems that got burn, and I'm glad that some great literatures escape destruction so I can read them!

Feb 28. 03 I wrote a ¤T¦r¸g today!!! ^_^ Hope you like it.
Special thank you to Indigo Cambria, Black Rider, Dumb Writer and Heart of the soul for writing "cut" poetry. You are all awsome writers!!!
Another great poet, Needa S is on my favorite list! Thanks for all your kindness.
If you like to see the Blossoming Beautea in my Spring drink haiku, check out this site

Feb 22. 03 I want to thank Indigo Cambria and The Black Rider for putting me on your favorite writer list; and thanks Aurias for putting me on her Alret list! You are all very nice writers.

Feb 18. 03 I hope you guys are all adapting the spilting of well.
I add another person to my favorite writer list. Aurias. Super nice person and amazing writer. By the way, both Aurias and Heart of the Sword have fanfictions and original fictions. Plese check out both and for their works. Thanks!

Feb 14. 03 Happy Valentine.

Feb 9. 03 tomorrow will be my one month Anniversary on . Time flies when you are having a good time. ^_^
Two days ago I received my 100th reviews. (I cry when I say this) I want to thanks you all for your support; and I sicerely value your input.

Feb 5. 03. We're all praying for the 7 heros on Columbia. They will be remembered.
I have another favorite writer. Heart of the Sword. Cool name, isn't it? An excellent writer, created over 75 masterpieces. Please R+R them.
I also written two "phoenix" poem. If you want to see more original "phoenix" and other poems, go to http:///Tokyo/Ginza/6611/
it's a beautiful site.

Feb 2. 03. Kung Hay Fat Choy. Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese fanficcers. Hope this will be a great year for everyone. Thanks for all the reviews last year. ^_^ I had a favorite author, Pears. Pears is a writer with great style and technique. Please read and review her wonderful work.

Jan 22. 03. I wrote more "cut" poems! What can I say, I'm addicted. I wote a Haiku for F4, the cutest boy band ever. STEP ASIDE, JUSTIN TIMBERLAND.
visit the offical F4 website at http:///f4/

Jan 16, 03. Yeah! I got my 10th reviews!!! Thanks you all. I wrote a couple more poems... if you haven¡¦t seen "cut" poetry before, watch/read ÁÙ¯]®æ®æ (1). It¡¦s a really cool series!

Jan 11, 03 I wrote a Haiku and a "Cut" Poem today! "Cut" poem is like Haiku, but instead of 5-7-5. It's 7-5-3-1. It's really fun. try it!

Jan 1. 03 Hello, this is the President of Nerdvada. Are you one of my citizens?

Note: So many of you ask me where is Nerdvada. ^_^
Nerdvada is not a place; it is a feeling. You ever sit in front of your computer, spend hours on it and get blissfully happy? That's Nerdvada. Dogbert invented the term 'Nerdvada' when it looks at Dilbert.

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