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Happy Valentine's Day!!

Changed my name to La Femme Voxxe

I'm your average writer here, with 2 much time on my hands, a procrastinator (sp?) and horrible at spelling. Anyway, I'm like 5'2 and I have dark hair if ya really wanted 2 know! You can find all my stat crap at my website which I haven't edited for at least a year but do it anyways!

I like a bunch of stuff like anything related to Europe and England so I'm sorta like a francophile/anglophile. I luv escaflowne (van rox!) And I can't watch it nemore cuz it got yanked off the only Canadian network that was playing it! I also have different tastes in fanfics, humourous (love it) romance, angst and drama, so that's why i enjoy and selected a variety of favourite fics in my fav fics section of my profile, howver, most of them r esca fics *just gotta luv that anime*.

I love the Gorillaz, Atomis Kitten, La Oreja de Van Gogh (Van Gogh's Ear), Shakira and Fatboy Slim. My fav songs of Gorillaz are Latin Simone and Clint Eastwood. My favs of FBS are Because We Can and Weapon of Choice. I also like Whole Again and Eternal Flame by Atomic Kitten, but I don't like their name, sounds weird! From Shakira, I luv Eyes Like Yours and Pop by La Oreja De Van Gogh. Hope u listen 2, you'll like it!

My fav television shows are Escaflowne (i've seen all the episodes but they dun play it anymore on ytv!), Buffy, Angel, SNL, MadTV, TRL (i really liked it when I saw it @ my counsins' housees!), Debbie Travis's Painted House (i dunno, I just luv interior decorating!), Extra, The Amazing Race (screw Survivor!) , the Toonami shows and Evangelion! Whew, that wuz a long list! I only saw three episodes of Evangelion and I absolutely luv it! Actually, I listened to them, but they sounded interesting! I have to download a decompressor and I can't find one that works, so I have to listen to my movies!

I have two sis's and the older one and I sorta look alike to weird ppl and it's always an annoying issue in public (if ur with the person u look like), so if u don't look like anyone, b glad about ur original image!

Anyway, about my future, I want to b a successful writer, live in New York go to Oxford or Princeton and do other cool things! I can kinda speak some french, spanish and japanese and I'm fluent in english. I love artistic crap and I've drawn some crap recently. You could see it if I had a scanner, but I don't! Anyway, I write lots of reviews for a wide variety of fics, so if u review for me, I'll review one of ur fics! I've been trying to come up with a new name so wut about kaikatsu/usasazz, my older names? I like change, so please tell me which one! Arigotu minna san! (goodbye everyone!) Anyway, please feel free to read any of my fics and ja ne for now! ~shiro*tenshi~

Well, here's some quotes:

"I do these one's!" -Me (i said that when I wuz doing the cheap version of pushups with da knees!)

"Let's teach them to shop at the Gap!" -one of my classmates who so vanity it's sickening!

"Eat and shut up!" - my dad when we're at the dinner table!

"Is that the gay?" -again my dad, when he wuz watching football, he doesn't noe english very well!

"I think women are the most courageous people, they always get through any situation," -Alicia Keys

"People look at me and just think I'm innocent as hell, (but) I'm not innocent..." -Ludacris

"Aww, look at the pretty Anna Sui colour stick!...LOOK AT IT...KEEP LOOKING!" -my insane sis

"Usted es tan mudo" -me (guess wut that means in spanish? Dun b offended!)

"All my energies are dedicated to love. Love puts your feet on the ground and helps you to be a better person every day." -Shakira

"Hey, let's go to Vancouver so we can have some English tea a the Empress Hotel for $24 Cdn and $45 on holidays!" -my mum!

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