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chibi saiyan sarah PM
Joined Jan '03
hi im sarah!!!

i have to confess...any of my friends or foes must know...that i am totaly like a guy thats 4 years older than me, and doesnt know i exist... yes i can finaly admit it!! ha ha ha evil manical laughter!!!
i go to san pedro high school
i play the trumpet
i love dragon ball z
i enjoy torturing substitute teachers
i have a best friend named desiree, ya all know her as kagome of winter dances
my nick names are:
cookies, p, sawah, takila, and rae.

you should know... i have a thing for princes! like veggie,inuyasha,and sesshomaru-sama.

ok, my favorite character is vegeta!

im looking foreward to writting Vegeta/Bulma, Bra/Goten, and trunks/pan!!

i HATE yamcha!!! sooo i might be a teensy weensy bit mean!! (ha ha manical laughter chases yamcha with a butcher knife) ok better now!

my sec fav anime is inuyasha!!! i might (slim chance) write some inuyasha/kagome, but mainly dbz!

"WHAT" screeches kagome

chibi "you heard me! i might put your sorry ass in my story!"

"what bitch?" says a demented kagome

kagome sits inuyasha and steals tetsiaga
i run for my life!!!

well my things r princes,and flame retardent suits! ( cant forget the fire extinguishers, i got plenty! wanna borrow 1?)

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