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Haha I really don't know if anybody reads these but OH WELL!

Here's an insane profile...

Name: Rae
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Location: United States - Maryland
Intrests: Manga, creattive writing, journalism,
drawing, reading, archery, fencing, tae kwon do, anything with a pointy weapon hehehe
Favorite Movie: The Matrix (1st one) Mononoke Hime, October Sky, Kill Bill vol. 1, Lord of the Rings (two towers), Seabiscuit
Favorite Animal: Love em' all
Favorite Food: anything teriyaki =)
Least Favorite food: Potato chips, tomatos
Sign: Leo. (I'm born 1988-year of the dragon! Yya for dragons!)

Whitetail is currently on hold for now, due to a mistake I made in my story that changed the entire plot (and now I'm stuck) I'll try and work things out, but I have no idea when it'll be updated soon =( I am terribly sory about this, and I thank all my reviewers greatly for all the support you've given me ^^

Oh, and my new story-Red Soul, is posted. It's a supernatural kind of story, with a little action and romance invovled ^^ A friend of mine wanted me to put it up so badly, so I did. I'd reaaly like some reviews if possible, much thanks if you do ^_^

Here are my favorite books!
-Silverwing, Sunwing, Firewing by Kenneth Oppel
-To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
-Fire Bringer & The Sight by David Clement Davies
-Harry Potter (all 5 books) by J.K Rowling
-Eragon by Christopher Paolini
-Neverwhere by Neil Gaimen
-The Seventh Tower series by Garth Nix

Currently reading: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.
Comments: Some books can be summarized in one word, such as "great," "awesome,"or "addictive." Neverwhere can be summarized as:"breathtaking." Yes, this book is simply amazing...and I can't seem to put it has everything from action, to comedy, to romance. Everything you ever wanted in a book. Neverwhere is about a man named Richard Mayhew living in London, who one day finds an injured girl on a street. Being the great guy he is, helps her. This is where his story begins. By helping this girl, Richard "falls through the crack" in London, and must learn to survive this new world in order to get back to the old one. I highly recommend this book...because, put simply, Neil Gaiman is my god ^_^

If you like WhiteTail and want for animal fantasy, here are some animal fantasy stories:

Silverwing, Sunwing, Firewing - Kenneth Oppel
Fire Bringer, The Sight - David-Clement Davies
Watership Down - Richard Adams
Redwall Series - Brian Jacques

Here are some shout outs to people:

Belle the Shadow Cat-Thank you SO much for all of your help! Your fic is very awesome, I hope you'll continue to write!

DigiDayDreamer-Thank you very much for your help as well, I'm knew at this so you've really been helping me ^_^

Amy- Yep, I posted Red Soul. Happy? haha ^^'

And to all of my reviewers-I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Here's some recommendations:

A Simple Twist of Fate - Belle the Shadow Cat

Blood of the Wolf part 1 - shadowtalon

Pure Life by the ass-kicking writer, White Elf Asari

Call to the Sky by a-wolf-called-Skya

Yet another amazing story, Dangerous Skies by A wolf-called-Skya ^^

I'd love to read your story, e-mail it to me and I'll recommend it too!

"I bet plumbers have the nicest looking bathrooms . . ."- yours truly

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