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I love to make friends so I have msn messenger:

About me:
I'm 16 and in Colorado, USA. In school I'm in French and Choir. I started learning Japanese at CUBoulder. I have four main hobbies:

Music: I played flute, I've always been in choir, and I'm learning Paino.
Writting: I've attempted to write all so many originals, I don't do fanfics. I also decided to suddenly post my poetry cause I randomly felt like it, so now I have poetry too.
Anime: I've loved anime for forever and my favorite is Rurouni Kenshin.
Art: I inherited my dad's talents I draw anime, I like to draw oil pastel roses

My sign name was formerly JMBunny and I changed it to a more fitting name.

My Writting:
One day I would hope to get my stories published!! As my inspiration I have anime and manga because there are so many different unique stories and ideas. I also -like everyone- use my experiences almost all of my Poetry is something I feel.

Thanks for possibly Reading & Reviewing.


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