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Back on FP after so many years of hiatus because of the itch to write once again. But extremely confused about the new layout! Hopefully that won't stop me from writing ;) Looking forward to reading and browsing the FP world again :)

Mother Teresa: "Give of your hands to serve and your hearts to love."
!!Cheers to Jesus!!

~ "Tomorrow: Another day, another chance." ~ (me)

Hi there, thanks for checking out my stories! I'm Nina, my friends mostly call me Ninak (nye-nack), which is a long story that we won't go into. I've been labeled "The Confused One" (thanks a lot bonbon), Meliah, Cesa, Isa, Nana. and others that I just won't mention ;)

My schedule is pretty tight with class and work so I don't get that much free time. I love to read, especially in a cafe or a mall with hot cocoa at hand; write when my muse is up; daydream and draw; choreograph with the "crew"; take part in amateur filming productions (currently working on the script); sing loudly in the bathroom; roll down the windows and feel the wind blow against my face; pray and spend time with family and friends. I love my family~ they're the greatest!

Thank you for everyone who reviewed =) I always love checking out new stories so keep on writing!


Time Stopped, Silence Pounced
SUMMARY: Meet June and David: The duo whose causing a scene in aisle 5. So what happens when June's ex comes into town? Masquerade as a love-sick couple of course! R/R plz!
STATUS: On Hiatus
Author's Note: 11/21/05~ chapter 6 posted

North Star
SUMMARY: June 1883. She was trouble. He knew that he shouldn't get involve... but he just couldn't help falling for her. They were a pair, both searching for something, but gaining so much more. R/R plz
STATUS: On Hiatus
Author's Note: Chapter 4 started but needs to be finished. Editing earlier chapters.

1:3 Rectangular Prism
SUMMARY: CH10 UP! JOINT PROJECT w/ sky77 and lostspiritz: It started with a simple prophecy... what resulted was an epic war involving... what's this? A world called Gaia? Dark magic? An assassin? And who is that fluffy white cat? PLZ R/R!
STATUS: ...Dead...?
Author's Note: 6/19/06~ Author's Note posted. Process of rewrite of plot and chapters but due to lack of communication between writers the life of RP has died. sniffle


Lost Touch
SUMMARY: (One-Shot) His noble act cost him. Now he must suffer the consequences of being lost. R/R Plz!


SUMMARY: A forbidden love opens the door to lies, betrayal and lust. Set in Victorian era, come meet the two most powerful families of London.

A collaboration with EyriNyx~ the story will be located on her site. Discussions and first drafts being drawn. It's a surprise for ya'll _~

No More Farewells(working title)
//Angst// Lost Touch was actually suppose to be longer. I had a larger plot in mind for it but ended up not writing that far. I suppose NMF will be the sequel to Lost Touch. Maybe. We'll see how things go =)

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