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I work, write, love and live in Canada, although I am a Filipina by origin. I graduated from McGill University in Quebec with a degree in Education (with a minor in Linguistics and English literature). Right now, I am working as an English instructor at a university in British Columbia. I LOVE my work. I'm married to a wonderful, wonderful man who loves me very much. We say age doesn't matter, but in case you wanted to know, I am 23 years of age (for now, anyway). I obviously enjoy anime, manga and of course - fanfiction.

I love writing. I think I spend a little too much time doing writing related task - although you wouldn't know it from how often (or rather, how rarely) I update. Be that as it may, I hope you enjoy what I write and I hope to do even better. I do appreciate emails and online conversation as I think we can all benefit from dialogue related to our writing - so feel free to contact me.

I don't really have much else to say except that I sincerely appreciate reviews and constructive criticism!

Thanks for reading!

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