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Today my name is Colourful Letdown.
Yesterday my name was Dead Souls.
Tomorrow my name will be Lively Spirits.
My friends think my name is Fire.
The police think my name is Burden.
And teachers think my name is Problem.
My parents think my name is Unfinished Symphony.Secretly, I know my name is Anything.I_Want it_To be.Paint Me_As_I am.

20.05.2005: After awhile, you find you run out of things to say. And you're too tired to write them down either.

I am a female teenager from Singapore. I have many interests, but masstered none. In case you want to get in touch, I am on livejournal.

Would love to hear from you on my writing, and will return the favour. I also write Harry Potter slash fanfiction which can be found in The Pit of Voles or my sorry excuse for a website, together with fanart.

Thank you to the lovely authors for putting me on your favourite authors list: Lux's Confusion, Dark Ink, Moonwinges, candifiedxnonsense, Imoen, Shelila, Krikoris, Myra Kilgore, Angerona, VampiricSacrifice, Asmodeus Sanity, endless040, Canada, Sugar On The Asphalt, KayWest, Shattered Snow, Ravyne Black, hypersensitive, the cereal killer, whyt forest, insanewhisper, Razor Sharp Kisses, yOuCaNtToUcHmE, Grendel, Masha Baitman, unjaundiced, Jennu, Imaan-Z-gr8, fall3n ang3l, firehoney, rd-kittykat, sheza, Magisknight, Lil Lalita, H. M. Banson, Bite the Wax Tadpole, Nancy Rotten, Andaren, ladymaverick, S.N. Mather and Martinet Of the Order.

To the rest of the reviewers and those who have put my stories onto their favourite lists, thank you for the wonderful and encouraging reviews you have penned.


I won't be forgotten. No one remembered me anyway.

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