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Missing A 'W'

Chapter 19: Speaking with Elves.

Treatise: Sights of a Hooded Stranger.

Chapters Ten and Eleven: Tenth Entry and Final Entry. Story is over.

I have -- thanks to Bombur Jo -- a LiveJournal in which I make various remarks regarding the state of my stories, updates, life in general, and other such things. If anyone would like to keep up with what's going on, drop by! The address is up there in the Homepage spot. Copy and paste if the link doesn't work. You can ask questions or make comments and demands there as well. So come visit! :)

As for who I am, I think that to most people my stories are more interesting than obscure details about my life. So I'll keep it short: I'm an eccentric teenager who has seen the LOTR movie four times... I'm still working up to my friend Chris (no, not you, cousin Chris, the Chris from school. Oops, the Chris-from-school-in-my-class. There are altogether too many Chrises in my life), who is insane enough to have gone and seen it six times already. Anyway. I love reading, writing, singing, and eating McDonald's fries when it's a gray drizzly day. There you have it! I hope this served to amuse you. :) Thank you a thousand times over to all who have reviewed and who continue to review!

P.S.--I think there's been some confusion on this point: the end of ASOB is posted separately, and is called ASOB Epilogue. Thanks to all who have reviewed. :)

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